As valentine’s day approaches, I have been browsing the internet to get an idea of the perfect gift to give to loved ones for the day.  Although some of the gifts are very beautiful, I could still feel something missing from the many gifts ideas I had come across. 

Then it hit me at that pivotal moment that what I was searching for as the perfect gift in the recognition of showing and appreciating loved ones is Salvation, for Christ is Salvation. 

In our lonely hour sipping a Cup of Tea from your favourite mug, you will not be sad knowing that you have your perfect gift Christ by your side. The Bible say he will never leave you nor forsake and if we believe he is with us always. 

Lying on your pillow deep in thoughts, you will have comfort in the knowledge that your perfect gift which is Christ is resting with you peacefully on your bed.  This is an assurance that the peace of God that passeth all understanding is yours. 


What Does Salvation Mean

The simplest definition of salvation is to be delivered from the devilish activities of this world and that is what Christ came to do.  He shed his blood on the cross to wash away our sins, John 3:16.  Salvation is therefore Christ and if you appreciate and accept God in your life on this Valentine’s day, you have the perfect gift that I can offer this valentine’s day.

I pray you accept my gift with love, I  love you too, so go and  share the love with otherX 

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