One of the key strategy of winning souls to Christ is through evangelical outreach, however it seems it is not that always easy approaching people to preach Christ.  We meet a lot of people on our way out to work or shopping every blessed day, however we do not always  preach Christ to every person we pass on the way.

It was at this pivotal moment that the idea for wearing a fashionable clothing and at the same time with message at hand to preach Christ came to light and over some years in a 2 bedroom terraced house started researching for that eureka moment.  The pieces fell into places during the last months in 2018 and there otherX was birth with a trial run of the Salvation Zero collection which was met with a good review.

Research from a study in US indicated that 56% of souls were saved  from the messages on a t-shirts.  According to the Pew Research Center, a man gave his life to Christ after seeing the message Got Jesus? when he walked pass a believer wearing the t-shirt with this salvation message.   The conclusion drawn from the research indicated that the effectiveness of the t-shirt for evangelism was not down to a high resolution or beautiful design but drawing inspiration from popular or trending clothing designs.

Based on the findings, designing of christian evangelistic t-shirt has to have a creative genius concept to produce a design that will provoke a thought from non-believers to generate conversation, thereby producing an opportunity to preach Christ.

In brief the results from the findings indicates that parody of a popular silly phrase on trending worldly clothing with a christian concept is sure to provoke an opportunity to win the lost to Christ.

So when producing custom print evangelical t-shirts for your church event or programme, check if the message will provoke a thought and if that thought will require a Yes or No answer from anyone who sees your message.

For example message on tee reads Got Jesus ?  Non believer sees and says to him or herself No. How do I get Jesus?

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